Un jardin d’hiver dans le projet de réhabilitation des immeubles GHI, Bordeaux (photo Philippe Ruault)

Maison de Sam (photo Christophe Hutin)

Scène tirée du film “Orfeu negro”, Marcel Camus, Lux Film, 1959

Things from your life

[…] A hunting glove, a blind man’s cane, the collar of a favorite dog, a panel of pressed flowers from the time when we were children, oval pictures of grandma, a candlestick, the dust from a volcano carefully kept in a bottle, a picture from the news of prison convicts at Attica in charge of the prison, not knowing that they were about to die, an old photo, the wind blowing in the grass and a church steeple in the distance, spiked sea shells with the hum of the sea still in them.
(Ch Alexander, pattern #253)