L'architecture manifeste

  • Year 2012
  • Exhibition
  • La Plateforme "Les Carreaux"
  • Rennes
  • 2012

Live Architecture
A model made of mosses, lichens, plants, and stones collected in the forest. A living model, with the otherness and relationship to time that this engenders.
Architecture is not free. It is the last link in the chain of development and urbanism. It is a deadly system, displaying everywhere its lack of culture and intelligence, its insensitivity, and its inability to experiment and invent the living environment of a better world. This system’s tools demolish, damage, break, cut, strip, and flatten.
Here, architecture slips into nature, into a landscape, explored as a setting for humans and their constructions. Architecture does not position itself above, to order and compose, rather it tries to benefit from the genius of nature. In its capacity to constantly renew itself, nature adapts and thus ensures its existence and evolution. It “borrows from the landscape”, in reference to many Asian traditions, such as the mustard seed garden. There are hills, trees, rocks, and a stream. A building finds its place there, like a scholar’s pavilion in China, or a cabin in Walden, but you will notice that it is a collective building on stilts, light, transparent, and contemporary.
If life has been able to find a place in this model, then it can find a place everywhere, to propose life, poetry, pleasure, and dreams. It’s up to you.