Blanquefort Music School

  • Year 2011
  • Program Extension of the music school
  • Client Commune of Blanquefort
  • Status competition, project not retained
  • Surface 500 m²
  • Cost €700,000 (excl. tax)
  • Location Blanquefort, France

The extension project of the Blanquefort school is designed around three major activities: assembly, music, and dance.
The aim is to ensure a mix and diversity of practices in the same space, while decompartmentalizing styles and broadening the audience. We believe that emotion, pleasure, poetry, and improvisation have their place in a music school.
The project is set on the maximum area occupied by the main body of the school. The dance hub, near the existing dance studio, and the music hubs are grouped around an interior garden, a meeting information point, and a conservatory-kiosk.
These spaces dedicated to improvisation enable the new north-facing rooms to benefit from the sun’s rays, as well as the extension of the school’s activities and the emergence of new artistic practices.