Extension of the MAXXI, Rome

  • Year 2022
  • Program Extension and landscaping
  • Client Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo (Fondazione MAXXI)
  • Status Competition, project not retained
  • Surface 4,500 m2 / 48,438 sq. ft
  • Cost €14,200,000 (excl. tax)
  • Location Rome, Italy

More than ten years after its opening to the public, the management of the Museum of 21st Century Arts designed by Zaha Hadid drew up the MAXXI Grand Plan, “to face a new world shaped by major environmental, financial, and health crises”. It set itself three objectives: to build an experimental center linked to the relationship between artificial intelligence and creativity in art, architecture, and urban renewal; to build a center dedicated to the conservation and restoration of artworks; and to host educational activities. All this is to be integrated into a landscape project that can serve as an experimental model of public space and a working garden.

The proposed project draws an analogy between art and seed conservation. For both, it is a question of collecting, studying, preserving, exhibiting, disseminating, and transmitting to future generations. Inspired by the potlatch, it aims to create exchanges between the buildings, the artworks, a nurturing garden, and the public.